Let's make sure mom is safe for many Mother's Day to come! Radon tests $100 in May.

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We utilize the AirCat by Radalink to perform radon tests. It takes approximately 48 hours from the time we setup the device to have a detailed radon report back to the client. We service Jefferson City, Columbia and surrounding areas.  

We at River City Radon can perform either radon testing or install a radon mitigation system to meet your client's closing deadline. 

Radon Mitigation Systems


Have a client that has elevated radon levels in their home? Don't panic, we can help! Follow these steps and we can resolve the issue while you focus on your client. We can typically install systems within 7 days of the initial site visit. 

  1. Contact us for a quote
  2. We will conduct a site visit
  3. You will receive your quote in a timely manner. Typically it is the same day as the site visit.
  4. Once the quote is accepted we will install the mitigation system.